Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hi All,

This is a good day to officially start this blog! We've had about a foot of snow along with temps in the single digits. I still get to play with our indoor worms so, all is good. Yesterday and today is about moving castings for harvest and starting 3 more "bins". The bins are made from 55 gallon drums cut in half long ways. This works really well housing a lot of worms in each.

Our outside worms are spread throughout 3 hoop houses which have become an excellent way to increase our season and insure the worms' safety through the winter.

Two of our hoop houses are quonset style while the third is gothic. If you are considering hoop houses, I recommend the quonset style hoop house as the snow slides off before creating any problems. Our third one has to be manually scraped, (which I spent 3 hours doing yesterday), so the entire structure does not collapse in on itself.

Glad to be here doing the blog thing. I should be able to contribute often. Please send comments and/or questions.


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  1. December was record cold! Winter projects time. We are attempting home improvements and I would like to design and build a mid-sized harvester this year. We developed and build and small harvester which is perfect for a home worm bin owner. The next size we build is a commercial worm harvester. There is a definite need for a harvester somewhere in the middle.