Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Composting passion

We have been vegans for about 15 yrs and recently tried the raw foods lifestyle. Delicious recipes! We can only follow this diet during the growing season of our garden. One problem is it does produce a great deal of veggie waste.  And, of course, the worms go through veggie waste extremely fast. So worm bins are excellent for the vegan and raw foods lifestyle. 

I've become a believer in the tumblers also. We started carrying a compost tumbler on our site which necessitated using it. We use this for everything and it composts quickly! I know it's written, but, you do not have to worry about the brown matter ratio with a tumbler. It composts really well reducing the matter so that you can keep adding. Another point is, there is a certain amount of brown matter within all the veggie waste.

Composting is a passion with me. Hope this helps.

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