Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pet Waste Composting with Worms (How-To)

{Do Not add worms right away. Let your waste and materials set a while (10 days). This will allow the worms to acclimate easier and cut the risk of harming the worms (uric acid, amonia).}

To begin your pet waste vermicompost pile, dig a good sized hole in the ground, approx. 3' accross and
2'-3' down. Less depth is okay if you are not able to dig any further. Line the bottom of the hole with a thick layer of shredded leaves.

Then you simply start adding your pet waste. Each time you add waste, do so with more bedding material and water if needed.

Cover the pit with black plastic sheeting to retain moisture, keep the worms shaded and to control the amount of water the pet waste recieves.
Once the worms are acclimated, they should thrive on all of the rich food. This will allow you to add waste without fear of harming the worms.

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